Ever faced an HR interview before? In case you haven’t, I am sure that you might face one soon enough. In order to help you prepare, we have curated this blog which covers some of the most frequently asked technical HR interview questions and answers.

Why do you want to work in this company?

This is a popular interview question

Sample Answer

I would be proud to work for a company like yours with such a long history of leadership in the industry.  I have carried out web research and believe that the company’s XYZ products and its future projections are very impressive and promising.  The XXX team is the team I would take pride to work with. A place where my skills or background fits perfectly and can be utilized respectively.


  • Conduct a thorough research of company and company’s top executive before facing interview
  • Learn about the company’s vision and how you can contribute to it
  • Demonstrate your eagerness to work for the company
  • Evidence that you understand the employer’s business
  • Mention why you rely on XYZ company for your growth and why it is the best place to utilize your skill and experience for the benefit of the company
  • Demonstrate your belief in company’s product or service

Do you consider yourself successful?

This is a popular interview question

Sample answer

I feel successful with continuous progress.  I find exciting when I am allowed to implement new ideas and see its fruition. I would define my success as what I have learned through years and use them when circumstances arises or demands.

What motivates you?

This is a popular interview question

Sample Answer

I am very result-oriented person; my primary motivation is to achieve the desired end result.  While I enjoy working on the project of my own, I am particularly motivated by the buzz of working in a team. It’s very exciting working closely with others, who share the same common goal. I also like to take on the challenge, and rise to that challenge as part of a concerted team effort.

Tell me about your dream job?

The only dream job I’ve always had was a job that keeps me busy, a job wherein I get to contribute to the company’s success.