Use these sample Senior Business Analyst interview questions during your hiring process to evaluate candidates’ skills and select the most qualified professionals. For more entry-level roles, check our Business Analyst interview questions.

What do you see as the key skills of a business analyst?

Answer: There are several skills required to be a successful Business Analyst. They are not just linited to your work. These skills even include your personal qualities and approach towards your clients. Some of the key skills expected from any Business Analyst are:

  • Customer Service skills
  • Strategic thinking approach
  • Good communication skills
  • Collaborating with other employees and colleagues
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Customer oriented
  • Ability to drive and adapt

What is a use case model?

Answer: A business analysis presentation of the steps involved in defining the interactions between a user (actor) and a system (computer system) is termed as use case model. It gives details on the interactions and sets the expectations of how the user will work within the system. The use case model consist of 2 main elements:

Use case diagram – It is a graphical representation that details which actors can operate which use cases

Use case description – It is a detailed textual step by step presentation of interactions and dialogue between the actor and the system.

Define SaaS?

Answer:SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is related to cloud computing. It is an online software for which you just need an internet connection and a web browser. Unlike other softwares, you need not have to install it on your machine. SaaS is a software delivery model in which the software, and usually the data, are hosted “in the cloud”

What is the importance of a flow chart?

Answer: A flow chart is a tool that provides a graphical representation of a process. This chart will make a system easy to understand for everyone that is involved with the project that is underway. If you have a massive and complex project with many entities, data, data sources, data destinations and processes involved, a data flow chart is one of the most effective ways of making sense of all that data. The flowchart mostly concerns itself with the flow of data through the system. It is popularly used in Structured Systems Analysis and Design.