About Us

IIBM Institute of Business Management is a global award-winning online management education training and certification provider. IIBM Institute offers various certification courses that teach the concepts of management through case studies, thus providing a broader exposure to its students.

IIBM Institute provides excellent opportunities to aspiring management students who don’t have access to traditional learning methods through its open and flexible approach to learning. Being a fast growing leader in online education, IIBM Institute is immensely passionate about delivering high-quality education to its students who aspire to move ahead in their career through additional management skill acquisition.



To contribute to India and the world by expanding online education, providing best valuable resources to industry and society and remain a source of pride.


The mission of the iibm Institute is to help prepare outstanding educators and to advance the profession of education of our learner by providing user friendly support for seamless course access.


  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Systematic Approach
  • Agility
  • Supreme Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Cost Effective to make it affordable to all
  • Accessibility
  • Reputation Building

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